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Pitra Parvat Hanuman Temple

Pitra Parvat Hanuman Temple

Pitra Parvat Hanuman Temple – Asia’s Biggest Metal Statue Of Hanumanji

Pitra Parvat Hanuman Temple is one of the biggest metal statue of Lord Hanumanji in Indore, (M.P.). It is the tallest statue of Hanuman sitting in the country. This temple also known as Shree Pitreshwar Hanuman Dham Mandir. This statue and mace is being constructed by the artists of Gwalior.

Special type of polish on the statue

  • This statue weighing 90 tons has been specially polished which will protect it from the weather. It cost ten crore rupees to build.
  • 18 artisans working 10 to 12 hours a day prepared it in six years. Different trolleys have been brought to Indore with the help of six trolls.
  • The government also plans to develop Pitru Parbat as a tourist center.
  • The highest standing statue of Hanuman is now installed in Vijayawada. Its height is 135 feet.
  • By the way, the 176 feet tall statue of standing Hanumanji is being built at Narasannapet in Andhra Pradesh.

A look at the statue

  • 62 feet wide
  • 66 feet high
  • Rs 10 crore. Cost
  • 90 ton weight
  • 45 feet long mace

Why this place called “Pitru Parvat”?

  • The ancestral mountain named Dev Dharam Tekri in memory of ancestors.
  • In the memory of loved ones, the process of planting trees on this mountain started 12 years ago.
  • Today, with the movement of millions of trees and plants, the memories of loved ones are refreshed.
  • Millions of plants have taken the shape of trees. Not only on Memorial Day, whenever people miss their loved ones, they reach Pitru Parvat.
  • When you sit here in the shade, it feels as if the elders are caressing them like their elders.
  • The then Mayor Kailash Vijayvargiya pledged to save the saplings planted on Pitru Parvat through the Municipal Corporation.
  • Every year rain and thereafter plants are planted here. People also reach here in Shraddhapaksha.
  • A large number of plants are planted on all Pitra Amavasya. A plaque is also put in whose memory, who planted the plant.

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