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Sensoji Temple Tokyo

Sensoji Temple Tokyo

Sensoji Temple Tokyo – The Heart of Asakusa

Sensoji is a Buddhist temple located in Asakusa. It is one of the most colorful and popular temple in Tokyo. Sensoji also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple. Sensoji Temple is said to be founded in 7th century, allowing it to claim the title of the oldest Buddhist Temple in Tokyo, though most of its main buildings are newly erected with concrete after they were destroyed in World War ll. Every year almost 30 million people visited Tokyo to see Sensoji Temple.

Sensoji Temple History

The history of the temple is an interesting one. The story of Sensoji Temple goes back to 628 when two brothers, called Hinokuma Hamanari and Hinokuma Takenari, went fishing in the Sumida River. That day they caught no fish, but they did find an unusual object in their net: a small golden statue. The simple fishermen did not understand the statue’s value, and they actually threw it back into the water! However, even though they moved their boat and threw the statue away many times, the statue kept coming back to their net. In the end they took the mysterious statue and showed it to their local chief, Haji no Matsuchi. He recognized the statue as Kannon the goddess of mercy, and together the three men made a small grass hut to enshrine the statue. Later on, Haji no Matsuchi made his own home into a temple for the statue, and this was the start of Sensoji Temple.

Why you must visit Sensoji during your trip in Japan?

  1. See the 700-kilogram lantern at the Kaminarimon Gate
  2. Wafting incense smoke over your body—said to cure any ailments you may have and improve health
  3. Get your fortune told at Sensoji Temple
  4. You can also see the Goju-no-To five-tiered pagoda, several smaller sub-temples, and charming little gardens, one of which houses Tokyo’s oldest stone bridge and oldest wooden structure, Rokkakudo.

How to reach Sensoji Temple?

Sensoji is easily accessible by public transport.

The Sensoji Temple is located in Asakusa, the historical neighbourhood of Tokyo. It is accessible by subway on the Ginza-line, station Asakusa in the south of the temple.

Sensoji Temple Hours

Although you can visit the complex all day long, the main hall is open daily from 6am till 5pm. Entrance is free.

Sensoji Temple Dress Code

Sensoji temple dress code. There is no dress code for Japanese temples. If you are going to a special ceremony that seems formal, but most people treat them as a tourist site, it’s normal to see visitors wearing jeans, shorts and so on. You may be asked to remove your shoes if you want see the inner rooms.

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