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Patalpani Kalakund Heritage Train Tour

Patalpani Kalakund Heritage Train Tour

Relax, whose desire is for everyone. Whenever a person wants to relax, he misses the lap of nature. Mountains, waterfalls, rivers, trees, greenery and pledges have always been the first way to get relief from a life-filled life in the heart of the human heart. Perhaps, aware of this fact, after listening to the DRM RN of Ratlam Mandal of West Railway and his team has given Madhya Pradesh to the Patalpani Kalakund Heritage Train Tour after tireless efforts.

Indian railway started Heritage Train between Patalpani and Kalakund on 140 years old western railway track. Enjoy a ride through 4 tunnels, 41 bridges and 24 sharp turns! This is an old British era rail line and now converted into a broad gauge rail line. This train has only two coaches, out of which one is reserved while other one is unreserved. The route is 9.5 km and en route, the train ride provides a spectacular view of waterfalls and lush green mountain ranges.

For the first 12 seats in its Special Coach, it costs Rs 240, which is for both the arrival and going. For the other seats behind it, the rent is 210 rupees. 20 rupees for the arrival of General coach’s fare, so now you do not have to go far away in search of adventure, comfort and peace nor do you have to spend a lot of money. Whenever you want the heart, let’s go.

Heritage Train time

The Heritage Train departs from Dr Ambedkar Nagar (Mhow) railway station at 11:05 am and reaches Kalakund at 1:25 pm. On its return journey, the train starts from Kalakund at 2:55 PM and arrives at Mhow at 3:40 PM.

Patalpani Kalakund Heritage Train Tour Booking

You can book train ticket simply from IRCTC website or contact us for more details.

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